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The Clayton County Board of Health joins Facebook and Twitter | Health

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The Clayton County Board of Health joins Facebook and Twitter
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The Clayton County Board of Health joins Facebook and Twitter

Clayton County, GA --  In a move to continue to find ways to reach and serve the community, the Clayton County Board of Health opened up a Facebook page and Twitter account.

To follow them on Facebook, please visit www.facebook.com, search for "Clayton County Board of Health," and click the "Like" button. To follow on Twitter, visit www.twitter.com/CCBOH and hit the "follow" button.

Excerpts from the Press Release:

Starting this month, the Clayton County Board of Health (CCBOH) is putting public health information closer to people’s fingertips with the launch of both its Facebook and Twitter pages. Using two of the world’s fastest-growing social media platforms, the Board of Health will provide the local community with greater access to the latest health information, local restaurant scores, and potentially-life-saving emergency updates.


            “For many people, social media networks have become the first place they go for information about what’s going on in the world,” said CCBOH Public Information Officer Joel Hall. “As a public health agency, it’s advantageous for us to have a visible presence on Facebook and Twitter because it will allow us to put information where people are already looking for it.


            “We already share a lot of helpful health and emergency preparedness information on our website,” Hall added. “Now people will be able to view and share informative documents, videos, and Internet links on Facebook and Twitter, or via a smart phone application.”


            From an emergency preparedness standpoint, the CCBOH Facebook and Twitter sites will aide Clayton residents by giving them access to critical information in real time. In the event of a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane, earthquake, or tornado, Facebook and Twitter can be used to relay information about evacuation routes, sheltering, and public assistance, or to locate victims. In the event of a disease outbreak such as an epidemic or pandemic, or a terrorist attack such as an intentional release of a biological agent, the sites can be used to share information on disease symptoms, precautions and treatment, and the location of vaccine/medication distribution centers.


“One of the important tasks of the CCBOH Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response is to educate the public, businesses, and community organizations on how to prepare for an emergency or disaster,” said Doug Dugger, CCBOH Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response. “We also must be able to get information to the community as quickly as possible in order to save lives and prevent more people from getting injured or sick. We believe the Board of Health’s new Facebook and Twitter pages will be great assets in these efforts.”


            “The Board of Health’s new Facebook and Twitter pages will offer the public a new way to interact with their local public health agency,” said Clayton County District Health Director Dr. Alpha Fowler Bryan. “Many citizens are unaware of the work public health agencies do on a daily basis to maintain the health and safety of communities. Our Facebook and Twitter pages have the potential to inform, as well as save lives.”






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