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Good samaritan saves pregnant woman in car accident | News

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Good samaritan saves pregnant woman in car accident

MORROW, Ga. -- Morrow police say they'll have to recreate Wednesday's accident on Jonesboro Road, to figure out how fast Taneka Grace was going when she came up the ramp.

But they do know it was fast enough to send her car flying over several lanes of traffic, when her car hit the concrete curb.

Her car came to rest on the train tracks across the street. Police immediately called Norfolk Southern to get train traffic to stop, as emergency crews worked to get the pregnant woman out of her car.

Several good Samaritans rushed to help before police and fire crews arrived.

"There wasn't any smoke or anything but there was a lot of fuel leaking. I don't know how it punctured the tank, but it was leaking over the back tire," said Theara Brye.

Sergeant Domiel Norwood was inside the Marine career center across the street when he heard a chorus of horns honking.

"I asked her was her stomach hurting did she feel any pain and she said her stomach and back were hurting," said Norwood.

He worked with Brye to check on Grace and two other people police say were hit when Grace's car went flying.

"There are actually tire marks on top of the car, where it made contact with it as it was going over top of the car," said Cpt. James Callaway with the Morrow police department.

Both of the people inside that car have been treated and released, but Grace remains at Atlanta Medical Center. Police were not able to provide an update on her or her baby's condition.


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