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Clayton County officer indicted in alleged police brutality case | News

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Clayton County officer indicted in alleged police brutality case

JONESBORO, GA (WXIA) – A grand jury indicted former Clayton County Police Officer Ryan Hall on Wednesday evening, after considering a case of alleged police brutality against Hall toward a senior citizen who was moving into a home.


Sixty-nine year-old Dhruba bin-Wahad says he spent about 45 minutes on the stand testifying before the grand jury about what happened to him when he says he was brutalized by Hall while standing on his own front porch. bin-Wahad made that testimony in front of that same officer, and that's just one thing that he and his attorney say needs to change about the grand jury process in the state of Georgia.

It all stems from an incident when bin-Wahad was moving into a rental home. Police said a neighbor called 911, thinking he was a burglar. When police arrived, they said bin-Wahad was argumentative and uncooperative.

bin-Wahad and his attorney said that was not the case, and that video taken by a neighbor shows what happened. They say it shows bin-Wahad being yanked by the arm, with his face being slammed into the ground of his own front porch. Still, they say this case is not just about him.

"Remember, this court date is not for me personally," bin-Wahad said. "It's just my name on the docket. This court date is about accountability. Holding the Clayton County Police Department accountable for how they treat us. That's what this is about, and building a coalition in this city around that basic principle is politically powerful."

After the indictment was handed down, bin-Wahad's attorney, Muwali Davis, said he was pleased with the move.

"This was an important first step and a victory for the community," Davis said.

A coalition of groups in Clayton County came together and spent the night outside of the Clayton County Courthouse, some arriving as early as Tuesday evening at 7:00. They say this is all about them making a way for justice to happen in their communities. They say they wanted the grand jury and attorneys to know that they are out here watching this process and will continue to watch this case and others like it in their community until they see some change.

Hall was indicted on battery charges, and an arrest warrant was issued for him. The grand jury also saw enough evidence to seek indictments for violation of oath of an officer and false statements. A new grand jury will decide if he will be indicted on those charges within the next three months.


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