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Getting answers about a Labor Day price increase | News

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Getting answers about a Labor Day price increase

JONESBORO, GA (WXIA) -- The price for a day pass to a Clayton County water park tripled from what one customer expected on Labor Day.

"We saw a lot of people turning around because it was fifteen dollars," said Demetera Tooks.

Family after family said the same thing.

"The last time I was here it was just five dollars," said Rouarroyo.

"Online it said that we should pay five dollars. In the front they said it was fifteen dollars per person," Tooks said.

Most paid it anyway. With their children already in swim suits, it was too late to change plans.

"this is what I had planned for a week, actually. I had been going on line, looking at the pricing," said.

A quick web search of Claytoncountyparks.com reveals some sections of the website promoted the five dollar Labor Day deal. Others listed a fifteen dollar price tag. Detrick Stanford, Interim Chief Operating officer of Clayton County, said that's a mistake.

"I'm not aware the five dollar fee was still posted. If so, that would have been an error," he said.

A music festival booked months ago raised the price.

Which leads to another issue. The music festival wasn't at the beach. In fact, it was all the way around the complex in a complex that was separated from the beach by a fence.

"My babies been talking about the beach beach beach, he has his beach ball," said Dell Tooks.

To get to the beach she had to buy a ticket to the Sweet Georgia Peach Music Festival

We asked Clayton County why they couldn't offer different pricing plans.

"Then you are trying to determine who is going to the concert and who is going to the beach. Actually the vendor is renting the park out that day, and he's not staffed for that," Stanford said.

The key word in this is vendor. The county rented out the entire park to the promoter of this music festival. In doing so the promoter is entitled to set its own admission price.

That upset the customers who just wanted to use the water park.


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