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Riverdale teen suffers concussion from bullying | News

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Riverdale teen suffers concussion from bullying

RIVERDALE, Ga. -- Israel Price recently suffered a concussion during a run-in with a group of boys in a bathroom at Riverdale Middle School.

"They pushed another boy into me and I hit my head on the brick way," Price, 13, said.

The boy claims the classmates who attacked him have repeatedly bullied him.

"It makes me feel sad, angry and like I can't do nothing about it," he said.

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The concussion has affected Price physically and mentally. His speech is slurred; his walk is unsteady.

He was an aspiring singer who performed in local talent competitions.

"I can't sing like that right anymore," Price said while watching footage of himself. "I can't go do a performance because I can't walk that good right now."

"I'm trying to be strong for him," said Charleia Price, the boy's mother. "But it's hard because he's not 100 percent Israel."

The seventh grader said he reported at least three prior incidents of bullying to teachers at Riverdale Middle School.

A spokesperson for Clayton County Public Schools said they investigated the claims of bullying, but didn't find any evidence to support them.

An attorney for the Price family said the school system failed to recognize that Israel was in danger.

"The school system clearly failed this young man," lawyer Gerald Griggs said. "The law in Georgia regarding bullying is pretty clear. This should have been reported to the principal."

Israel Price is currently undergoing physical and speech therapy.


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