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HIV positive man found guilty of not telling partners | News

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HIV positive man found guilty of not telling partners

CLAYTON COUNTY, GA -- Tuesday morning, a Clayton County jury found an HIV positive man guilty of reckless conduct.

Craig Davis, 43, was found guilty of not telling sexual partners of his HIV status.  He showed no emotion as the jury read the verdict.

Davis was taken into custody and will be sentenced on Feb. 21. Davis is facing 20 years of prison. 

During the case,  prosecutors painted him as a selfish, calculating liar.

"The defendant, Craig Davis, carries a deadly weapon with him everyday," said prosecutor Kathryn Powers.

Police say Davis purposely neglected to tell two women, from different counties, who he was sleeping with in 2012 that he was HIV positive.

His alleged victim in Clayton County said she engaged in sex with Davis several times before he called to tell her he had the virus.

Davis' attorneys, with help from the controversial nonprofit called the Office of Scientific and Medical Justice, argued all HIV tests are unreliable.  They also contend that there is no definitive proof Davis has HIV.

"When they tell you he tested positive for HIV, what that means is there's an assumption he's HIV positive. There's no test that can measure that on the face of this earth," said defense attorney John Turner.

Prosecutors spent the first day of the trial calling witnesses to refute that.

Davis' primary physician Dr. Courtney Shelton, said he diagnosed Davis with HIV as early as 2005 when he came to the emergency room complaining of losing weight and suffering from pneumonia.

"He had all the symptoms of HIV that presented as AIDS. We had to treat him immediately," said Dr. Shelton.

Shelton then explained that with prescription drugs, Davis recovered and now manages his HIV status.

Several medical staffers at the Clayton County Jail said when Davis was booked in 2009 he told them he was HIV positive and had medications with him to treat the virus.

It was in 2012, a woman, 46, from Atlanta told police 'she was abstinent for 15 years' until she began dating Davis. At her yearly check up, the doctor 'advised her she tested positive for HIV.'

The alleged victim in Clayton County told police that 'the man she had been having sex with recently told her that he has HIV.'

In the police report, the victim says Davis told her 'with HIV you can still live and it's not the end.'


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