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Jonesboro bans sagging pants | News

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Jonesboro bans sagging pants
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Jonesboro bans sagging pants

JONESBORO, Ga. -- The Jonesboro City Council has approved an ordinance banning sagging pants, joining some other Georgia cities which have already outlawed the practice.

Councilors approved the ban 5-1 Monday after a heated debate.

Under the ban, anyone wearing pants, shorts and skirts more than three inches below their hips can be cited for disorderly conduct and ordered to appear before a judge.

Critics of the ban include Dalton Smith of Jonesboro, who said he didn't think city leaders should force their opinions on what constitutes fashion on anyone else.

But Ann Sligh, an outspoken proponent of the ban, told council members the practice should be banned because it's indecent.

Officials in the Henry County town of Hampton recently passed a similar measure outlawing sagging pants.

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