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RIVERDALE | Victor Hill YouTube ad propels former Sheriff back into spotlight | News

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RIVERDALE | Victor Hill YouTube ad propels former Sheriff back into spotlight

ATLANTA - Clayton County voters will see a familiar name on the ballot in July's election - Victor Hill. The controversial former sheriff is running for his old post, despite legal troubles.

Politics has not been nice to Hill in recent years. He lost a bid for reelection in 2008 to Kem Kimbrough, the current Sheriff of Clayton County. He lost another election for a Georgia state senate seat in 2010.

"I've had hundreds of people literally come to me and ask me to run again because of the crime situation in Clayton County," Hill told 11Alive's Brenda Wood Monday.

Hill's named has appeared in the spotlight once again thanks to a video ad that was posted on YouTube. The ad takes an indirect stab at the current Sheriff, Kimbrough, pointing out the county's struggle against crime.

"The same bank was robbed twice in 24 hours," a man in the ad says. "They even stole some weapons from the SWAT team."

The ad then cuts to a shot of the men pressing a large red button, which illuminates a "Bat signal" themed especially for Hill.


"Everything that's said on the commercial actually happened in Clayton County," Hill said. "That's not made up."

"That's what this campaign is about," Hill said. "It's about whose strong enough to fight the crime and run the bad guys out of this county."

Hill's attempt at reelection may be considered an uphill battle. In the past, he was accused of questionable firings, lawsuits and public battles with other county leaders.

A lot of it was politically motivated," Hill said. "If there were any mistakes made, I've certainly learned from them."

"But, even my critics admit that I scare the heck out of the bad guys and that's what this is all about," Hill said.

But putting his past controversies behind him may be easier said than done. As he mounts his bid for the Sheriff's office, Hill faces an investigation by a grand jury and has been accused of theft and improper use of a county credit card. "Imagine who started this investigation. It's the man I'm running against now," Hill said.

Hill adamantly said the charges against him are false. "There's no doubt in my mind that I'm going to be exonerated.


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