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CLAYTON | Kimbrough on Hill: 'He's a good comedian' | News

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CLAYTON | Kimbrough on Hill: 'He's a good comedian'

ATLANTA - Clayton County Sheriff Kem Kimbrough defended himself and his record Friday from attacks from political rival Victor Hill.

Hill, the former Sheriff of Clayton County is trying to get his office back - running against Kimbrough in an election to be held in July.

In his campaign, Hill recently launched a video advertisement, likening himself to "Batman".  The ad takes an indirect stab at, Kimbrough, pointing out the county's struggle against crime.

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"The same bank was robbed twice in 24 hours," a man in the ad says. "They even stole some weapons from the SWAT team."

The ad then cuts to a shot of the men pressing a large red button, which illuminates a "Bat signal" themed especially for Hill.

"Victor's a good comedian," Kimbrough said in a conversation with 11Alive's Brenda Wood Friday.  "He does know how to stretch a fact."

In his bid for the Sheriff's office, Hill has said Kimbrough lacks the strength to fight crime in Clayton County.  "That's what this campaign is about," Hill said. "It's about whose strong enough to fight the crime and run the bad guys out of this county."

But Friday, Kimbrough took exception to Hill's account of the crime situation in the county.  "I think the citizens of Clayton County have seen a marked decrease in the amount of crime," Kimbrough said.

Kimbrough said Clayton County saw its highest crime rates in the years between 2005 and 2008, when Victor Hill was the Sheriff of the county.  "Those are the years that Clayton County had the highest crime and the most violent crime in history."

Hill's attempt at reelection may be considered an uphill battle. In the past, he was accused of questionable firings, lawsuits and public battles with other county leaders.

Putting his past controversies behind him may be easier said than done. As Hill mounts his bid for the Sheriff's office, he faces an investigation by a grand jury and has been accused of theft and improper use of a county credit card.

The reality is that everyone knows what Victor Hill did when he was in office," Kimbrough said.  "He's never accounted for those facts."

"When he was given an opportunity to testify before a grand jury, he took the fifth amendment," Kimbrough said.  "You always take the fifth amendment when you have something to hide."


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