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Two abused dachshunds 9 months later: a case of brotherly love

WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- Sometimes there are good endings to bad beginnings.

And this story, which we first reported in October, is definitely one that began badly.

Two dachshunds, brothers, were abused and abandoned in Clayton County.

But in the past nine months, the bond they have with each other, and some TLC, worked a miracle.

Now it's as if none of the bad had ever happened.

Max and Mylo, the brothers, nearly died together, in October, 2012, when they were barely a year old.

Someone abandoned them on the side of Highway 54 near Morrow.

Mylo had been shot multiple times at point blank range -- with a BB gun, and with a paintball gun.

Max had been beaten.

And even though passing cars could have struck and killed them both at any moment, Max refused to leave his wounded brother.

Someone found them there, and Max was covering Mylo's body with his, keeping him warm and calm.

5 men charged with DUI in 5-car wreck on I-75

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Several men charged with DUI for their involvement in a July 5th pileup on I-75 bonded out of jail early Saturday.  The crash prompted authorities to close all southbound lanes of Interstate 75 at C.W. Grant Parkway for several hours Friday morning.

MUG SHOTS | 5 men charged with DUI in I-75 accident

The wrecks occurred around 4:30 a.m., according to affidavits filed in Clayton Co. Magistrate Court.

Clayton County Police Officer Danielle Rosa said the chain of events began when a pedestrian was hit by a car.  Two people were injured, one of them critically.  At least one person has a broken leg.

VIDEO | Drunk driving pile-up on I-75

Rosa said seven cars were involved.  An affidavit says there were five cars.

11 Things You Need to Know for Friday, July 5

ATLANTA -- Top local and national stories that will make news through the day on Friday, July 5. It's everything you need to know to start your day informed in Metro Atlanta.

1. AJC Peachtree Road Race Photos

A photo gallery of Thursday's big day, where you can add your own!

2. Fireworks at Lenox Square go on

Organizers of the fireworks celebration at Lenox Square pressed on Thursday night, despite the less than favorable weather.

3. Early morning wreck on Interstate 75

Judge declines to remove Victor Hill from sheriff's office

JONESBORO, GA -- He is under criminal indictment and has no legal
authority to make arrests. But Victor Hill's hold on the Clayton County
sheriff's office is as strong as ever -- thanks to an opinion issued by
Clayton County Probate Judge Pam Ferguson.

"I was ready to act if I was allowed to act. But I cannot," Judge
Ferguson told 11 Alive News, after she reviewed a letter sent this week
by POST -- the agency that suspended the certification that gave Sheriff
Hill the power to make arrests. As of this week, Hill's lack of
certification as sheriff hit the six month mark -- potentially
triggering his removal from office.

In response, Judge Ferguson noted the law "provides that the office of
Sheriff is deemed vacant when POST certification is revoked.... In the
present case, his certification has not (been) revoked, but suspended."

Local family laced together by Peachtree Road Race

ATLANTA -- With the AJC Peachtree Race closing in, we received a Facebook message asking if we would help a wonderful family and their beloved father and grandfather secure a race number. 

This is a story of tradition, family and Atlanta. It's the story of an Emory trained dentist who thought his running days were over and his annual run with loved ones through the streets of the city were over. But for Dr. Jennings Bristol it is just the beginning. 

Dr. Bristol was on track to missing his first Peachtree Road Race since the 1970's when he had a light stroke on January 7. 

Because of the stroke and weakness on one side of his body,  Dr. Bristol figured the race on July 4th was out of the question; he didn't even send in his application. However, he managed to get a race number. 

350 potential jurors to be summoned to Victor Hill trial

JONESBORO, Ga. -- More than 300 potential jurors are set to be summoned to the start of the trial of Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill on August 5.

The judge in the case, Superior Court Judge Albert Collier told the court he has already sent notes to the potential jurors to avoid pre-trial publicity in the case.

Hill is being tried on charges related to alleged corruption during his first term in office, which ended more than four years ago.

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Collier ordered Hill to appear at Friday's pre-trial hearing. Hill had avoided coming to previous hearings in the case, allowing his defense attorneys to speak on his behalf. Hill's first act in Friday's hearing was to object to the presence of cameras in the courtroom. Collier denied Hill's objection.

Evening storms flood Clayton neighborhood

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Heavy rains inundated a flood-prone Clayton County neighborhood Monday, leaving residents scrambling to assess the damage.

It was a familiar if frustrating scenario for Alberto Ortiz who says his home has flooded repeatedly in the two years he's lived there.

"Usually, it's not this bad. But the water came rushing in," Ortiz said referring to water stains 3 feet high on the outside of his house.

Ortiz says a creek which runs behind his house was responsible for the flooding. He says the creek often gets clogged with debris and tree limbs, causing it to overflow its banks.

The Clayton County Public Works Department brought in a tractor to clear the debris. Work crews succeeded in lowering the floodwater several feet.