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Former GA resident leads protest against Shawty Lo reality show

ATLANTA -- There's growing backlash about a new reality show shot in Atlanta featuring a popular Atlanta-based rapper.

The show is called "All My Babies' Mamas" and it chronicles the life and times of Atlanta-rapper Shawty Lo and his ten "baby mamas." 

The show follows Shawty Lo, who has fathered 11 children with 10 different mothers, as he manages his family life while juggling 10 "baby mamas" and a new 19-year-old girlfriend.

As of Monday, 23,000 people have now signed an online petition against the program on the website Change.org.

Former Georgia resident, Sabrina Lamb is leading the campaign against the show scheduled to air on the Oxygen network.

She calls the show toxic, stereotypical and sad.

Volunteers save thousands of abused animals

JONESBORO, Ga. -- Abused and abandoned animals continue to crowd county animal shelters and for most of them it's a one-way street.

In Clayton County, more than 100 dogs a week are brought in. Few have left.

One volunteer group is working around the clock to save the animals, get them out, and find them new homes. Sunny is one of them.

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She is a 6-month old Lab brought into the Clayton County Animal Shelter, with rescuers saying the abuse she suffered was the worst they have ever seen -- with a collar embedded in her neck and other injuries too graphic to show.

Lillian Lewis to be laid to rest Monday

Lillian Lewis to be laid to rest Monday

ATLANTA -- Dignitaries, friends and family are joining Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) in saying a final farewell to his late wife.

Lillian Lewis died last Monday at age 73.

Her funeral is being held at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where the couple married 44 years ago.

President Obama called Rep. Lewis to offer his condolences.

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On Sunday, members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority remembered Lillian Lewis with a private ceremony.

No panel to remove Sheriff Victor Hill

ATLANTA -- Gov. Nathan Deal will not appoint a panel to examine whether to remove Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill from office.

Hill took office New Year's Day.  Clayton County voters elected Hill in spite of a felony indictment related to alleged corruption during his first term in office, which ended four years ago.

In a news release, Deal's office says the governor "has concluded that the law outlining the procedures for the suspension of public officials under indictment applies only to officials indicted while holding their elected office."  Hill was indicted February 29, 2012.  Hill was out of office at that time.

"I just don't understand," said Putnam County sheriff Howard Sills, president of the Georgia Sheriffs Association.  The association had called for Deal to appoint the panel "to assure the integrity of the office of sheriff," Sills said.

Police: Man targeted, shot outside Southlake Mall Food Court

MORROW, Ga. -- Three suspects have been arrested in connection with a New Years Eve shooting at Southlake Mall. 

The victim, Amos Williams, remains in ICU at Grady Hospital following the shooting. 

Morrow Police identified the suspects as: Darius Hancock of Hampton, Hernandez Sutton of Hampton and Daryl Griffin of Hampton on Thursday afternoon. 

According to authorities, 22-year-old Williams was shot just outside the, now closed, J.C. Penny store. 

All three suspect have been charged with participation in the shooting. They were apprehended at 8:00 p.m. on December 31, the day of the shooting. 

Police are confirming that the victim was targeted, but the motive is still unknown.

Victor Hill takes office, shakes up staff

JONESBORO, GA -- There were no snipers on the roof of the courthouse, no flashy entrance this time for Victor Hill on the first business day of his second term as Clayton County's sheriff. He stayed away from the office much of the day, working "in the field," according to staff. Behind the scenes, he reassigned much of the department's top staff.

Hill was only visible as an online image on the sheriff's new website.

Hill has consistently dodged the press since he beat former sheriff Kem Kimbrough in the July primary -- likely because he keeps getting asked about the criminal charges he faces based on alleged corruption from his first term as sheriff. Hill denies the charges, calling them "politically motivated."

Now that he's taken office, the question is whether Victor Hill can keep it pending his criminal trial. The Governor can appoint a panel to make a recommendation regarding the removal of an elected official who is under felony indictment.

Unemployment rate drops to 8 percent

Unemployment rate drops to 8 percent

ATLANTA -- Metro Atlanta's jobless rate has dropped to 8 percent.

The November number continues a downward trend in metro Atlanta's unemployment figures. The rate is down from 8.2 percent in October and 8.9 percent a year ago.

Clayton County's rate was 10.2 percent in November.

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The Georgia Department of Labor released the new numbers early Thursday.

State labor officials say the rate declined because of job growth and fewer new layoffs, as indicated by first-time claims for unemployment insurance benefits.