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BEST SPOTS: Neighborhood Thrift Stores

BEST SPOTS: Neighborhood Thrift Stores

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. -- For this week’s installment of Best Spots, we've compiled a list of Neighborhood Thrift Stores for you to purchase some eccentric and timeless pieces.

In today’s economy, it’s important for shoppers to get the most bang for their buck and the thrift store is where you can do that. Open your mind fashionistas and fashionmistas, the thrift store isn’t only for those in need.

Favorite thrift store in Peachtree City, Clothes Less Traveled Thrift Shop, is a non-profit thrift store that serves the people of the south Atlanta. The store has been open for more than ten years and in addition to selling affordable fashion clothes to the community, has given the community a place to volunteer and perform community service. The store is located at 459 Highway 74 in Peachtree City.

Earth’s Mama Thrift Store is has been open for three years and they sell “recycled” clothes and even some new.