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Clayton County Regional Housing Summit A Success! | Business

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Clayton County Regional Housing Summit A Success!
Clayton County Regional Housing Summit A Success!


Clayton County’s Chairman Eldrin Bell hosted the Clayton County Regional Housing Summit: “Step by Step Remedies for Recovery”. Chairman Bell  brought to Clayton County national leaders in the housing industry, regional community leaders and individuals from the world of academia to address the housing crisis on a national and local level. With well over 200 people in attendance for the two-day summit many of the speakers and attendees were impressed with the vision and the platform that was presented during the housing event.

The Chairman stated in his welcoming remarks that everyone was present at the summit because of their concern for the current housing situation, “We have come together for this two-day summit to address an issue that is crippling so many communities across the Atlanta region. The housing market in America has devastated families and wreaked havoc on local economies.” Bell’s position was reiterated throughout the two-day event by many of the speakers and summit attendees, along with the hope that the summit would 1) create some meaningful dialogue 2) directly address some of the housing concerns and 3) provide some clarity and identify points of reference for assistance.  All three points were dealt with throughout the summit and addressed either through presentations or in the various break-out sessions.

The first morning session began at 9:00 a.m. at the Morrow Center with Dr. Catherine Ross, director of the Georgia Tech Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development serving as moderator. Other program speakers included Dr. Roger C. Tutterow, professor of economics at Mercer University; Renee? Lewis Glover, President and CEO, Atlanta Housing Authority; Clayton County Public School student, Darielle McCray, founder of “Kids of Foreclosure”.

 The afternoon keynote speaker was HUD Deputy Secretary Ron Sims, who delivered a passionate presentation on the housing crisis in America and asked all summit participants not to be limited in their thinking but to find workable solutions. Sims also offered the advice to the audience “to serve as forward thinkers throughout the two day sessions and to also engage in the process of finding viable answers.”

 The afternoon session consisted of a series of break-out sessions. With subject matter experts in their respective fields overseeing the various session topics, such as senior housing, veterans housing, special needs housing, workforce housing and faith based initiatives the participants remained engaged throughout the afternoon in solution based dialogue.

 On the second day of the Regional Housing Summit, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson (R-Ga) provided his perspective of Legislative Initiatives regarding financial reform and the state of the current regional housing market.  Afterwards, Senator Isakson thoroughly addressed several questions from the audience. Also, as part of day two of the event, break-out session recaps were given by each topic leader along with the presentation of a report of tangible action items for their group to continue to follow-up on after the summit and to later provide Chairman Bell with periodical status briefings.

 The county is seeking additional feedback on the “Step by Step Remedies for Recovery”   Summit from those that attended the event. Please log on to the county’s website at http://www.claytoncountyga.gov/ and fill out the Summit Evaluation that has been posted.  Your feedback will help to keep the momentum and dialogue going, while at the same time providing valuable insight.

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